Coverbrite is a life insurance startup connecting customers with agents and helping them purchase the right policies for their coverage needs.

Logo Design

We wanted to communicate the idea of a social network, as well as the core idea of insurance, which is essentially risk protection. After several iterations, we focused on the concept of “connections of coverage”, which we interpreted in the logo as a plastered, bandaged letter “C”. The logo is rendered in a slightly three-dimensional manner, and its negative space depicts links and nodes like those in a circuit board or graph theory diagram.

This approach works well as a visual strategy that can be applied throughout other auxiliary logograms, such as a “bandaged” umbrella as corporate gift, or perhaps a wrapped-up airplane for travel insurance. The overall feel can be summed up as “clean cheerful” — retaining a sense of professionalism and safety to the brand, yet not being too sterile and distant from consumers.

Coverbrite 1
Coverbrite 3

(Top) Visual References (Bottom) Concept Sketches & Iterations

User Interface Kit

The user interface is made up of a mix of sharp rectangular modules, balanced with light curvilinear buttons and small icons. Various UI elements, such as the icon set, are designed primarily with single-stroke line weights. The site is largely greyscale to allow pockets of colours from the brand identity and photographs to be emphasised. Due to the nature of agile web development processes, we designed a kit of parts based on the Atomic Design Methodology (by Brad Frost), so that incremental changes become easier to implement with a level of frontend consistency across the site.

Coverbrite 2
Coverbrite 4

User Interface Kit & Icons

Coverbrite 5

User Flow & Mockups

Website Features

The site is a continual work-in-progress, with new modules added periodically based on Coverbrite’s business strategy. Features we have worked on include:

  • Landing & Static Pages
  • Agent Search & Filter
  • Agent Profile Page
  • Onboarding Process for new users
  • Messaging between consumers and agents
  • User Inbox
  • User Settings

Coverbrite 6

[Languages spoken] is a great feature to have, given that so much of the process of buying an insurance package involves communicating with your agent.

Vulcan Post

Coverbrite 7

(Left to Right, from the Top) Search Page, Agent Page, Onboarding, Messaging, Inbox, Settings Page

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Vulcan Post
Coverbrite: The Online Portal To Get You Out Of Awkward “Financial Planning” Chats


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User Interface Design

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