Spring 1

SPRING is a Chinese New Year advertising campaign for one of the largest shopping mall developers in Asia.

Our conceptual direction for SPRING is rooted back to its traditions of welcoming the spring season, with all its connotations of togetherness, revival, exuberance and excitement for the year ahead.

A collection of eclectic Chinese patterns forms the shape/stroke of the keyword(s), adding a dash of contemporary flavour, while creating both icon and typography for the campaign.

Spring 2

A series of Chinese patterns is selected based on texture and colour.

Spring 3
Spring 4
Spring 5

Adaptation of the key visual into other static material and products

The campaign branding and visual was adapted across static print and digital marketing material (such as banners), products (red packets and gift bags), as well as a 30-second animation promoting the event mascots Jiajia and Kaikai—2 pandas sponsored by the client—as part of the campaign.

This year’s campaign was a great success, with the red packets and gift bags fully redeemed faster than previous years.
Spring 6

Storyboarding Process. © Jonathan Yue

Spring 7

Proportion Study

Spring 8
Spring 9
Spring 10

(Top to Bottom) Character Frames, Colour Selection, Animation Studies

For the animation, we devised a simple story of hungry panda mascots co-operating with a lion dancer (commonly seen in Chinese New Year celebrations) to reach for their meal. Storyboards were created to visualise spatial composition, test out ideas, and estimate the timing of keyframes and events.

Our next challenge was to flesh out three-dimensional movements for the pandas based on static flat character profiles, as well as to design a convincing “lion” character and dance. This was done by referencing actual pandas, lion costume designs and lion dance competitions, to understand their essential characteristics. We tested proportions and key movement sequences to further understand and internalise our characters.

Throughout the animation process, we had to keep in mind the overall conceptual idea of SPRING, conveying “togetherness” and a certain sense of excitement. The graphic design was kept relatively flat, using bright colours and rhythmic drum beats to project an atmosphere of exuberance.

Overall, this year’s campaign was a great success, with the red packets and gift bags fully redeemed faster than previous years. We are glad to celebrate SPRING with our client and everyone with this campaign.

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